Are you still CG perspective?

Beyond Prespective

Customer Introduction100Projects
Content Growth RateNo.1

What kind of service does Metapers provide?

Beyond Perspective.Smart Presentation.

This content handles true 3D space
in a web browser.

With a dedicated URL
Instant Updates.

With the amount of information
Minimal complain.

One parse is not enough infomation.

→ A misunderstanding arises.

Even in a winning case.
CG perspective after all

I need another angle.
But I’m on a budget.

with the client
the discrepancy is tight.

Benefits of Using Our Services

Multi-device support

Dedicated server,
dedicated URL

With multi-directional confirmation
Minimize misunderstandings
and discrepancies

Our Strengths

30 years in the industry
quality control
Lightweight know-how


March 2022
Real Estate Development

Supervisor is not on site
Unclear point of delivery

Head Office Staff
Metapars URL
Send to your phone

Look for unknown points
and solve the problem


April 2022
major construction company

Competition with a company that has a proven track record with our clients Clealy at a disadvantage It’s a big deal and we want to win,but

Decided to introduce Meta Perspective
Competitor cut two perspectives Production cost is the same

Customers who have seen the metaperspective You’ve done this much for us?
They were thrilled!

From an overwhelming disadvantage to a com-from-behind victory

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